Having a baby is one of life's most personal experiences. We believe you should have options for delivering and caring for your baby. That is why we schedule an individual pre-delivery visit prior to your baby's birth. This is an opportunity for you to discuss special needs and requests, and for our staff to work with you to meet those needs and create a personalized birth plan. We also will talk about your expectations for delivery, review hospital routines and prepare you for any unexpected changes such as Cesarean birth.


Black River Memorial Hospital obstetrics nurse assists a pregnant patient out of bed



Every birth is unique, just like each baby and each mother. Black River Memorial Hospital provides a variety of options for pain management, labor and birthing techniques. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible so you can focus on you — and your new family. Below are some of the services we can provide during your birthing experience.



A doula (a Greek word meaning, "to mother the mother" is a trained female who provides continual labor support, both emotional and physical, throughout the childbirth experience. We have doula-trained staff available for your birthing needs. You may also hire your own personal doula and have them be with you for your delivery.


Support Person/Birth Champion

You will be able to have a support person/birth champion with you during your labor and delivery. Studies have shown that having this support can shorten labor time.


One-on-One Nursing Care

Our highly skilled nurses nurses are at your bedside throughout your labor and delivery and will be members of the nursing team caring for you and your baby after delivery. We build a personal and professional relationship with you. You are not just a number here.



Our birthing suites feature whirlpool tubs that provide relaxation, comfort and pain relief for mothers both during labor and after the baby is born.


Pain Management

Our pain management philosophy is to provide you with the comfort you desire during and after childbirth in the safest possible way for you and your baby. You may choose simple comforting measures such as hot or cold packs or aromatherapy. Or, if desired, a more advance measure such as IV pain reducers or epidural.

Nitrous Oxide is also available as a pain relief option. It is inhaled through a mask the laboring mom holds herself and can reduce pain and anxiety. It can be used in combination with an epidural or other pain relief options if desired.


Aroma/Herbal Therapy

In the Obstetrics Department, we can use essential oils and herbal blends to promote comfort and relaxation during and following the birthing experience.